Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A crucial decision.

Getting into Cornell made me realize that I don't really want to leave stony brook. When I first applied I thought that if i got into Cornell, it would be a "no need for second thought" decision.. automatically Cornell. But now that I am more settle into Stony Brook and made a good group of friends I have second thoughts about leaving. I'll miss the many stupid things we do and say, then laugh and make fun of it later. I'll miss those evenings when we make home cooked food and eat together like a family. I'm not going to be able to go back home every month when I go to Cornell, and bring back home food... I'll miss home food. I was so planned out for next semester at stony... i had the perfect schedule!!! No classes thursdays so i can shop as much i want and an online class that is suppose to be easy, and a lot other easy decs! But I'm going to have to give that up. I'm going to have to settle for the left over terrible teachers and classes in Cornell because all the good ones would be taken already!

Hopefully, everything will work out...

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