Monday, January 18, 2010

Can't find anything I like...

     The other I was out with my sister, shopping around 34th street, she was looking for a birthday present and I was just browsing. I wasn't sure what I wanted exactly, this seems to be happening to me a lot. But I ended up getting a skinny belt that fits around my hip but I think it would have been better if it had fit around my waist instead, and i got a two-ended make-up brush. I was extremely satisfied with the brush because it's really really soft.
     Lately I have been hesitant to spend my money on clothes or anything else. I strongly believe it is the pressure of having to pay for school... just thinking about having to buy textbooks for next term gives me a headache. What makes it worst is that I don't work. Maybe I should find a job around campus... It would definitely lessen the stress.

Whoopee Cushion!

The other day I met up with some of my high school friends and it really made me think about the future. Fives years from now, will we still be coming together for lunch? Or will we not even acknowledge each other at all. I highly doubt the second statement only because I feel so close to all of them and it would be sad if we do not recognize the existences of each other.
I think the funniest part would be when we decided to go into Rite Aid since we were left with no other ideas as to what we shall do. We wander the make-up aisle in Rite Aid cause we're that girly... haha. But we got to the school supplies section and THERE IT WAS a whoopee cushion! With the whoopee cushion, we had this grand idea that we would search for victims to prank this on. We waited for people to walk by and we would 'release the gas' It is one of the MOST funniest things. We walked by regular people running errands and we laid one on them... and they would casually look around and see a group of girls and walk away. I was definitely laughing so hard tears came out of my eyes and my stomache ached. This made me realize the kid that I am. And I think no matter what age, farts will always be funny.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Need NEW Hair!

     Sitting at home with my computer by myself can get really boring. It calls for a change... what might that be you ask, my hair!! It is probably the easiest thing to try and change by yourself. Of course I'm not a professional hairstylist so I decided to watch videos on youtube on how to cut your own hair. I came across a lot of how to cut side bangs or how to get side swept bangs... For some reason those are some of the most viewed videos on youtube. After watching maybe 5 videos... I locked myself in the bathroom and took the shears behind the mirror and attempted to create side swept bangs. Well if you know me, you know that I'm not brave enough to go all out and cut a lot, so I ended up taking really small snips. Sadly it didn't really come out as planned or how it ended up on the videos... I'm thinking maybe it's the shape of my head, I don't know haha. Maybe after another wash it'll come out better... well hopefully! If not, I might have to go back to my boring ole standard middle part.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Discovery About Lipliners

     From my mini, mini drugstore haul post, I told you that I got a lipliner. I have never used lipliners before because I thought they didn't do anything usefull. But I finally learned the purpose of it! Isn't that GREAT? haha. I was watching a youtube video on how to get the perfect nude lips and the person used a lipliner and said that it will fill in the cracks of your lips. YUP! that's its purpose. It doesn't look good at all if you have cracky nude lips. So I took the lipliner that I got and filled my whole lips with it. I realized though, that the color of the liner is too dark, now I'm looking for one that matchs the natural color of my lips or a clear one... I don't really like dark lips. So ignoring the fact that it's too dark I filled it in and put on my beige frost lipstick. It made such a big difference! It made my lips look really smooth which is not the case if you did not put on the lip liner. However, I don't like frost lipsticks I've realized... I might have said that on another post. Now I gotta find that perfect shade! I might try this clear one from L'Oreal.

*compensated affliate

Review: Sherlock Holmes the movie

Yesterday I went to see Sherlock Holmes. I never read the books or anything but only heard of it. I was kind of excited to see it because Jude Law was in it, Jude Law plays Watson, the doctor. I would have to say that the movies has more action/fighting then I expected which I didn't mind. I think in the beginning you have to really follow along with what they're doing and then you get the jits of what's going on. I think that a problem with the movie was that Holmes and sometimes Watson talk too fast and you can't exactly catch what they said... my friends thought the same thing too. Maybe it's because they're talking with an English accent and I'm American... I dont know haha. I realized that if you listen REALLY carefully you'll get exactly what they're saying. There were funny and haha moments so it's not a completely all serious movie. However it was a pretty LONG movie... If you make it to the end everything makes A LOT of sense. It's one of those movies where in the end ties the whole movie together, so you should definitely stay through the whole movie to UNDERSTAND the whole movie. I don't want to give anything away but the ending kind of left you hanging, so there might potentially be a sequel. Overall I would rate this movie 8/10.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Need A New Lipbalm!

I'm coming to a finish with my old lipbalm from Nivea.

It has done a somewhat good job because it had the SPF I needed last summer and made my lips soft but it still gave me flakely-ish lips and it left a strange white-ish color on my lips so I would wear it with a colored lipgloss. I'm looking forward to trying out a new lipbalm. Let me know of any really good ones in the comments! :)


A Mini, Mini Drugstore Haul

I went to run some errands and ended up going to Duane Reade. I get really really excited when I saw A LOT of yellow 50% off tags in the make-up aisle. I dont know if its in all Duane Reade but if you're near one you should definitely go see cause there was a lot of cheap stuff. I didn't get too much though because I have to save money for textbooks next semester :( VERY SAD. I definitely need a job when I get back to school. Well here's what I got:

In order going down:
-Revlon's Beyond Natural Cream Lipgloss in Nude.
-N.Y.C. lipliner in Natural
-Jane. Contour Brush
-Revlon Eyeshadow in Coastal Blues
I loved everything I bought but I have to say the Revlon lipgloss did not give the nude lips that I wanted.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What's Trending...

In Fashion: The kind of tops and dresses that I've been seeing everywhere lately are the shimmery or sequin ones and asymmetric styles, so if you have any in your closet that you haven't touched, well bring them back out because they're in! Here are some that I saw and LOVED:

This top ($10.50) if from Forever21, it would look great with a pair of skinny jeans or tights (if it's long on you) with booties.

Ahhh! This top is SUPERRR cute, its also from Forever21 for about $17. I think it will look great with any bottom!

The kind of bag that I LOVEEE right now are these:

This is also from Forever21 for $14.80.

*Not affliated or endorsed by Forever21.

Monday, January 4, 2010


     I have to share this blog that I found: She is so good at her craft! Definitely check it out, its totally worth the time. I feel really inspired looking at her work! And ya I added her on my blog list.


Are ELF make-up and Vogue magazine any good?

      I'm thinking about ordering some make-up from Eyes Lips Face but I'm not sure if they're any good. I saw several youtube video reviews of their product and I definitely want to try some out, like the lid primer. They have this offer where if you order $25 (which you can get a lot of stuff with at E.L.F. cause their products are so cheap) you get a free 1-year subscription to VOGUE and I want it. I stopped subcribing to Seventeen so I need a new magazine to read. I'm not sure if Vogue is any good though because I remember looking through a vogue magazine one time and all I remember reading was ads.

Please recommend me some good products from E.L.F. if you know any.

*compensated affliate

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Necklaces to Recycle

     On my earlier post I talked about cleaning out my desk drawer, and since it hasn't been cleaned out in so long, you never know what you'll find. Well, I found some old necklaces that I'm super excited to wear out! Here's a pic of some of it:

      I found the orange pick from middle school and I punched a hole in it so I can wear it as a necklace :). OH! I forgot that I have the faux diamonded tag and when I found it I was so excited!! I love recycling. The heart tag was a gift a friend gave me, I love that too, I don't know why it wasn't worn more... I must've forgotten about it. Y'all should go through your old stuff, and find things that you might not have loved before but might love now, or find things you loved and forgot about and re-love it again.

Have fun,

Something Productive

      I haven't done anything really productive since I got back from college, BUT today I can gladly say that I did something productive! What did I do that I would consider it productive? I cleaned out my desk drawer! YES, that's right I went through everything in the drawer and placed them under need, or useless. I don't think you understand what I mean by EVERYTHING, I mean paper and stuff that goes back to 3rd grade! I looked through it all. It was actually kind of interesting because going through all the stuff made me think back to all the events and memories in my childhood. I saw realized the nerd that I was in middle school. I had all these awards which is nice and teachers that wrote me cards and what they wrote were really touching. I also read over all the old Christmas and Birthday cards that I got... yes I'm one of those people that the save cards people give me, I think that if people had the time to write out these nice thoughts I should at least keep it and read it for comfort when I feel thank you to all my friends who wrote me cards :). Well now my drawer is light, neat and clean.
      It's a great idea to go through old stuff and realize that you are loved and thought of by people and friends. I hope y'all have a lovely day!


Saturday, January 2, 2010


My nails are growing long and I have been really lazy about cutting them, there's also old chipped nail polish on them still :). I'm going to have to give myself a little mani today, this should be fun... I think I'm going to polish them up with zee plain ole black because I've been feeling a little rocker chic lately. Maybe its because I've been looking at rocker chic fashion. There was one photo I saw on another blog that I LOVED!! Here this one:

Don't you just LOVE their style!! I don't know who they are but they're an inspiration!! I'm kind of going for that long right now.