Monday, January 11, 2010

Need NEW Hair!

     Sitting at home with my computer by myself can get really boring. It calls for a change... what might that be you ask, my hair!! It is probably the easiest thing to try and change by yourself. Of course I'm not a professional hairstylist so I decided to watch videos on youtube on how to cut your own hair. I came across a lot of how to cut side bangs or how to get side swept bangs... For some reason those are some of the most viewed videos on youtube. After watching maybe 5 videos... I locked myself in the bathroom and took the shears behind the mirror and attempted to create side swept bangs. Well if you know me, you know that I'm not brave enough to go all out and cut a lot, so I ended up taking really small snips. Sadly it didn't really come out as planned or how it ended up on the videos... I'm thinking maybe it's the shape of my head, I don't know haha. Maybe after another wash it'll come out better... well hopefully! If not, I might have to go back to my boring ole standard middle part.



  1. Try curling your hair, or crimping it. Braids,ponytail...etc. Theres tons of choices!

  2. haha I totally forgot about the basics...