Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Discovery About Lipliners

     From my mini, mini drugstore haul post, I told you that I got a lipliner. I have never used lipliners before because I thought they didn't do anything usefull. But I finally learned the purpose of it! Isn't that GREAT? haha. I was watching a youtube video on how to get the perfect nude lips and the person used a lipliner and said that it will fill in the cracks of your lips. YUP! that's its purpose. It doesn't look good at all if you have cracky nude lips. So I took the lipliner that I got and filled my whole lips with it. I realized though, that the color of the liner is too dark, now I'm looking for one that matchs the natural color of my lips or a clear one... I don't really like dark lips. So ignoring the fact that it's too dark I filled it in and put on my beige frost lipstick. It made such a big difference! It made my lips look really smooth which is not the case if you did not put on the lip liner. However, I don't like frost lipsticks I've realized... I might have said that on another post. Now I gotta find that perfect shade! I might try this clear one from L'Oreal.

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