Monday, August 9, 2010

Sleep early, wake up early!

     One thing that I have never been able to do at school, especially when I'm dorming, is sleep early. And by early, I mean any time before 12AM, which isn't exactly early, but definitely earlier than my normal sleeping time. Sleeping early makes waking up early a lot easier too. However, I still press snooze like two times. After splashing some cold water on my face, I feel refreshed and completely forget that I was sleepy a second ago. According to, waking up early increases your productivity and I have felt that lately. I feel like I have so much more time to do things that are on my to-do list. *Ahem* I am avoiding one thing though, I haven't started on my summer reading and that essay that we have to do too. I definitely need to start on that, anyway... Even though I'm sleeping at what is consider early for me (before 12AM), I wake up at 7AM, which is only 7 hours-ish of sleep. I would have to sleep at 11PM to get 8 hours, which I haven't been able to do yet. Hopefully, I'll be able to achieve that, so that at my dorm, i'll be able to sleep early and wake up feeling awake for class!
     I was told by someone, I forgot who, probably a health article that I read somewhere, (sorry can't give credit here) but it said you can't just change your sleeping schedule in one day. What you have to do to achieve an earlier sleeping time is sleep 15 minutes earlier everyday until you have reached your desired time. This definitely worked for me, I was sleeping at 1AM-ish before, and then I started work, which means that I need to wake up early translating to sleeping earlier too. And I used this method to achieve that time, I would definitely recommend this method to try AT LEAST. Its worth a shot. Its 10:30PM and I have to go shower and SLEEEP! Night!

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