Sunday, January 3, 2010

Necklaces to Recycle

     On my earlier post I talked about cleaning out my desk drawer, and since it hasn't been cleaned out in so long, you never know what you'll find. Well, I found some old necklaces that I'm super excited to wear out! Here's a pic of some of it:

      I found the orange pick from middle school and I punched a hole in it so I can wear it as a necklace :). OH! I forgot that I have the faux diamonded tag and when I found it I was so excited!! I love recycling. The heart tag was a gift a friend gave me, I love that too, I don't know why it wasn't worn more... I must've forgotten about it. Y'all should go through your old stuff, and find things that you might not have loved before but might love now, or find things you loved and forgot about and re-love it again.

Have fun,

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  1. I love doing this! Its so much fun to take old stuff out and make it into something I like! I'm actually saving bottle caps (like from glass pop bottles) and going to put them on a neckalce! I saW