Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I have to admit I've been a little lazy about posting here, but I have valid reasons. It's been extremely HOT, like HEAT WAVE HOT. Sweating like a pig makes you not want to do anything, even with the AC. Any how, here's the update from me:

I'm trying to find some interesting books to read... Well LUCKILY *note sarcasm* Cornell sent me a book to read. It's weird, once a book is assigned, it makes it a chore to read rather than for fun. The title of the book is something along the lines of "Do androids dream of electronic sheeps" ... REAL NERDY THERE CORNELL! hahaha Oh boy I can't wait to read it! I really am trying to find some good books to get myself into because I feel like I haven't read for fun in a longggggg time, the last time that I did do that was probably in 8th grade, i don't know. 

I'm re-learning some skills this summer, I don't really wanna say what kind of skills cause it's gonna sound lame. It looks like it is not gonna be as bad as I thought it might be. However, it does feel like it's gonna end real soon. I'm going to Cornell on AUG 20th!!! CRAZYYY. oh piece of candy, oh piece of candy, oh piece of candy, oh piece of candy... BYE!

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